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Tech update: 2019 combustible dust solutions

CFI presents the latest solutions for dust safety in 2019.

February 19, 2019  By Canadian Forestry Staff Report

IEP Industrial Technologies

The IEP Technologies IsoFlap Valve is a NFPA 654, 69 and EU ATEX Directive compliant, low cost, reliable explosion isolation solution, which mitigates explosion propagation risks to upstream equipment. These are effective, self-actuating devices providing inlet explosion isolation to protected vessels handling combustible dusts such as dust collectors, cyclones, and other process equipment. www.IEPTechnologies.com


The new YMX 5000 Detector series represents a unique and technologically advanced generation of infrared spark and flame sensors for industrial applications. An industry exclusive self-monitoring optics feature provides “through the lens” testing for each detector in real time to immediately alert the user of a reduction of detector capability caused by damage or lens contamination. The YMX 5000 Spark Detector is suitable for installation in an extremely wide range of operational temperatures (-40°F up to 221°F) and therefore increases its applicability in areas where other detectors may not be appropriate. FM Global approved. www.sparkdetection.com


Consider combustible dust explosion safety by Rembe Inc. for your wood processing operation. Rembe has the expertise as an innovator of flameless venting for indoor/outdoor explosion protection (Q-Box/ Q-Rohr); a comprehensive line of Rembe explosion panels and TARGO-VENT; and Q-Flap and EXKOP isolation systems to prevent explosion propagation. Whether you handle or produce pellets, wood chips, particle boards, MDF, OSB and/or operate a sawmill, careful consideration needs to be given to the proper explosion protection: venting and isolation. Think dust collectors, dryers, cyclones, screens, silos, mills. Rembe Inc. will work with you to determine your specific requirements, develop a plan of action and assist in implantation to minimize downtime while keeping your plant/employees safe. www.REMBE.us



ValvEx is a “passive” explosion isolation valve that prevents explosions from spreading through industrial installations. Third-party tested and ATEX-certified, ValvEx is suitable for use in processes which involve combustible materials, including the paper and forest industries. ValvEx and venting form an ideal combination of passive explosion protection solutions, meaning they fulfill their safety functions by the explosion itself, without detection or controls. ValveEx features easy inspection and maintenance, allowing fast and effective cleaning and seal replacement; an extended application range, up to Kst 450 bar-m/s; and an air pulse cleaning system. It is globally compliant with Canadian, U.S. and European regulations. www.fike.com


Kice Industries has introduced a new compact filter to its product line. The new compact filter is for direct mounting to bins, drags, legs and other equipment where access or mounting options are limited. This new filter features an integrated fan and cleaning system that is designed for simple installation, operation, and maintenance. Kice designed this for various cartridge configurations and lengths to handle a wide range of applications, materials, and air volumes. The tool-free cartridge replacement feature will minimize maintenance and down-time for users. The new filter is available in carbon or stainless steel to meet specific application requirements. Kice also has accessories such as mounted transitions and a mounted starter for a fan available to users with this new filter. www.kice.com


BossTek has introduced its new and largest trailer-mounted dust control system, a powerful atomized mist design featuring a range of 100 meters and the ability to deliver 140,000 square feet of coverage area. The DustBoss DB-100 Fusion is powered by its own 480 V/150 KW generator with a 6.8L John Deere Tier III flex diesel engine, all securely mounted on one of several road-worthy dual-axle trailer options with stabilizing jacks. www.bosstek.com

Baum Pneumatics

Baum Pneumatics Inc. offers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations for dust explosion safety, a powerful tool for NFPA hazard scenario design assessment and explosion protection by deflagration venting. Part (A) shows a computational Siwek chamber used for testing explosibility of dust clouds as described in ASTM E 1226 standard. Explosibility index Kst, Pmax, and size distribution from standard lab results will be used to simulate dust behaviour and verify convergence of computational model. Part (B) shows an example of utilizing the verified dust explosion model being used to simulate explosion inside a cyclone cluster. Different pathways of flame propagation can be visualized and the optimized location and size for improved safety can be achieved. www.baumpneumatics.com

Scientific Dust Collectors

A growing wood pattern shop required a new dust collector when their operations expanded, doubling their dust collection system air volume requirements. The pattern shop collected their dust using a cyclone, which did not provide acceptable efficiency to meet local air quality permitting requirements. Fifteen woodworking machines, including CNC routing equipment, are used to make wooden patterns out of Ren-Board, operating two shifts per day throughout the year. The Scientific Dust Collector includes a rotary air lock, auger to move sawdust from the collector to a nearby dumpster, and a sprinkler head and explosion venting to protect the collector from risks of fire. Filtered air is re-circulated back into the pattern shop. www.scientificdustcollectors.com

Allied Blower

For wood processing facilities demanding larger system capabilities, Allied Blower & Sheet Metal has successfully certified a line of Back Blast Dampers (BBD’s) that reach up to 50 inches in diameter. The BBD can resist a vented dust collector explosion reaching a Pred of 5 psi (0.35 bar) for dusts with a Kst of up to 200 bar-m/sec. This range provides safe operation for a large range of deflagrable dusts used in industry. When comparing a passive mechanical system or an active chemical suppression system, mechanical systems are perceived to have lower maintenance costs due to simplicity in function, design, training requirements, and the low frequency of inspections. With a mechanical BBD, mill staff does not need specialized training or tools when inspecting and keeping maintenance records for NFPA compliance, as they would require with an active chemical system. This results in more up-time, allowing for more production. Allied BBDs are built in Canada and designed for easy installation, inspection, and maintenance. The instrumentation meets North American standards to easily integrate into a plant or mill PLC system and is available in Class 2 Div 2. A combination of Allied BDD and Allied’s NFPA-certified rotary feeders can provide NFPA compliant passive isolation for large-sized systems. www.alliedblower.com

Optimil Machinery

Optimil Machinery has redesigned its machinery to incorporate superior sawdust and chip containment with systems on chipping/sawing centres, saw boxes and bandmills in major mills throughout North America. Some key features include new chipping sections with increased head diameters and enlarged chip chutes; reconfigured chip chutes allowing for fewer transition and diversion points for optimum chip flow and reduced pockets for chips to strike and create dust and debris; new guarding that promotes safety by preventing debris entering work areas from saw boxes and bandmills. www.optimil.com

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