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Tech update: the newest conveyors for wood fibre

February 9, 2021  By Canadian Forestry Staff

CFI has compiled a list of the newest conveyors on the market for conveying wood fibre.

Biomass Engineering & Equipment
SMART Conveyors from Biomass Engineering & Equipment represent the latest drag chain technology. These twin-chain conveyors are designed to lower the costs of operation and installation and last longer than competitive systems. Bolt-together construction and curve wear strips that crews can replace from outside the conveyor make maintenance faster. And because the chains run in channels outside the material path, they hold the paddles off the floors and sidewalls, so the paddles and chains do not accelerate wear. This design also reduces friction, which increases efficiency; horsepower is used primarily to move material, little is required to drive the machine.

Martin Engineering
Martin Engineering has announced a conveyor belt cleaner position indicator that monitors the blade, tracking and reporting remaining service life. The intuitive Martin N2 Position Indicator (PI) monitors primary belt cleaner blades, notifying Martin service technicians and plant operations personnel when re-tensioning or replacement is required and/or when abnormal conditions occur. The PI can be part of a new installation or directly retrofitted to existing mainframes that use the company’s replacement blades. Managers and service technicians can quickly access info on any networked cleaner via cell phone, and the robust, sealed construction means it is virtually immune from damage.

Bruks Siwertell
For operators looking for a conveyor with high-capacity, lighter-density dry bulk material conveying, the Bruks Tubulator is a cost-effective option. It is well-suited for long distances, up to 500 metres, and for high overhead installations. On a belt width-for-width basis, the Tubulator achieves capacities up to 40 per cent higher than comparable conventional idler belt conveyors at very low energy consumption levels, and is ideal for transporting wood chips, sawdust, bark, pellets and other low-density bulk materials. When extremely clean, dust-free operations are required, Bruks Siwertell’s conveyors are totally or partially enclosed to ensure maximum environmental protection.


Throughout the years, clean-up issues around raw material infeed areas have caused problems for mills. Small particulates are often blown to the ground or onto the rafters, which creates dust build-up and safety hazards for personnel. So how do you solve this widespread issue? Tube belt conveyors. Con-Vey’s tube belt conveyor (TBC) is made with structural steel tubing to create an enclosed system that protects the product and keeps material from being blown around the plant. As the original owner of the 1967 patent for the totally-enclosed TBC, Con-Vey has proven designs and methods for each application and has seen first-hand how these conveyors reduce cleaning time.

Simple, reliable, low maintenance operation. Even-ending, gap control, and a minimum of slippage when transferred to the chain conveyor. These are the benefits of Springer screw technology over traditional methods such as step or wave feeders. Chosen by customers in British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast U.S., Springer screw technology works on all types of log species, especially those with a high percentage of crooked and broken logs, for lengths of eight to 65 feet.

Brunette Machinery
Brunette’s SmartVIBE Vibrating Conveyor is a unique and simple vibrating conveyor that optimizes low-cost maintenance and maximizes up-time efficiencies. It features a springless vibratory mechanism which is fully balanced with adjustable stroke and variable speed, without coil springs and external beams. The vibrating conveyor drive is designed to be inboard, complete with a single electric motor. The patented design allows operators to increase conveying speed through the use of controls without costly shutdowns. Speed is varied by utilizing a Variable Speed Drive (VFD) to control the drive motor RPM which affects the conveyor stroke. The SmartVIBE Vibrating Conveyor is available in different widths and lengths complete with size specific screening options, metal detection or rare earth magnets. The newest model, SmartVIBE 5826, is 58 inches wide and comes with a fines screen and metal trap, and ensures the cleanest useable material flows to grinders or chippers, maximizing product yield while protecting equipment downstream.

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