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Boost the Value of Your Production with the GradExpertTM AI

You can now experience all the benefits from the artificial intelligence (deep learning) revolution. BID’s concentrated investments in R&D enabled the Company’s team to combine its industry-leading optimization software with artificial intelligence (AI) to create the next proven, powerful innovations in optimization performance. Customer results are remarkable: unsurpassed accuracy of defect and species identification, up to 100 times faster than generic algorithms, improved grading, and much more. The Comact GradExpertTM with AI offers the fastest return on investment in the industry.

“We switched to our current GradExpert™ which is using AI (deep learning) in July 2019, and the results are incredible. BID Group has provided us with a high-quality system, excellent service, and a professional, highly trained, dedicated, group of employees to work with. We are so impressed with our results  that we will continue to use/install these systems at all our sites. The AI can adapt to changes in fi­ber, different species, and wood defects. In my opinion it is the best investment we made in our planer.”

— Lee Mason, Planer Manager at Dunkley Lumber Ltd. British Columbia

Benefits of Comact’s Expert systems with deep learning:

  • Quickest payback in the industry
  • Throughput of up to 300 boards per minute
  • No need for any marking or recognition system
  • Complete real-time sampling
  • NLGA, NHLA, ALSC, cuttings, house grades, grading faces, European standards, etc.
  • For softwood and hardwood alike
  • Simulation software and comprehensive management of production and reports
  • Species identification
  • Over 30 natural and mechanical defects detected
  • Software subject to automated tests
  • Proven software & reliable hardware backed by a professional team

Let’s partner together and improve your competitive advantage through leading technologies.

Check out the Product Demo section for more information on Comact GradExpert: