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Virtual Event
OptiSaw 2020 Virtual Summit
October 14, 2020 at 11:00am EST

12:45pm - 1:30pm
Connected mill: Capturing machine centre data in real time

Speakers: Travas Hack, EACOM Elk Lake general superintendent, and Vlad Katkov, solution architect for B3 Systems

A cloud-based data analytics dashboard platform from B3 Systems has allowed EACOM Timber’s Elk Lake sawmill to automate a formerly manual KPI reporting process by gleaning data from its machine centres in real time. B3’s Vlad Katkov and Elk Lake general superintendent Travas Hack will present on the success of the pilot project and the future potential of the software for predictive maintenance in sawmills.

Travas Hack
Travas has held a master electrician license with an industrial specialization for over 20 years. After completing his apprenticeship, he joined EACOM’s Elk Lake sawmill as a shift electrician. Having a curious mind, Travas left Elk Lake to pursue experience in other industries. The outside experience was very beneficial but Travas realized he feels most at home working within the timber industry. Travas returned to Elk Lake as the general superintendent after spending a number of years working with EACOM’s Special Projects group where he had the opportunity to work on many capital projects from inception to commissioning. Travas’ grasp on data analysis and tracking as well as his understanding of electrical systems places him in a unique position. As an electrician he understands where the data is pulled from and where there is room to get more information to improve the process.

Vlad Katkov
Vlad Katkov is a solution architect with Toronto-based B3 Systems. With over nine years of experience, Katkov specializes in the digitization of manufacturing processes. With a particular focus on sawmills, he streamlines data into a highly visual format that engages everyone from the shop floor to upper management. Katkov understands your data from PLCs, optimizers, business systems, and even manual quality checks to find an easy solution that saves time and provides real-time information – including on your phone.

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